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Meal-substitute diets don’t work. Calorie-counting diets don’t work. An appropriate portion-controlled diet is the most effective strategy for achieving long-lasting weight loss. Dr. Lewis has perfected this method, utilizing a non-surgical gastric bypass approach to help you become thin.

The Slimming Station evolved out of his unprecedented successes, and now we want to share Dr. Lewis’ secrets with the rest of the world.

This weight loss program is divided into 2 parts:

The Slimming Station

The Slimming Station is the ideal place to help you reach your ‘dream’ weight. You will work one-on-one with a coach who became thin utilizing Dr. Lewis’s diet strategy, understands the science of weight loss, and wants to help YOU obtain the same amazing results.

The Slimming Station Forum

If you cannot visit The Slimming Station, then the Slimming Station Forum will provide you with the help you need. Here you will work with others who are committed to helping you achieve and maintain extraordinary health and fitness. While millions and millions of people dream of developing that 'perfect body', only a handful of them actually get there.


Imagine feeling tight, looking spectacular, and exuding the energy of youth! If you can, then those results are just around the corner! Why wait around?

Quotes From Our Clients

“Dr. Lewis, I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t do this!”

“I can’t stop talking about the program. I have referred tons of people to your clinic!”

“The program produces unbelievable results effortlessly! I am thrilled and amazed!”

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